About us

Döbling Outpatient Center is a multi-functional center offering comprehensive diagnostic services based on the latest research findings. Investigation methods such as x-ray, CT, MRI, enhanced laboratory diagnostics, and various different specialist outpatient treatments are services covered by most Austrian insurance funds, or available on a self-pay basis according to the schedule of fees for your chosen physician.

Our quality awareness and service-oriented approach are characterized by short waiting times, swift appointments and individualized treatment options, in line with the standards of Döbling Private Hospital.

An e-card (Austrian health insurcance card) for "Magdalena Musterfrau" ("Jane Doe"). Picture credit: SVC / Wilke

Many of the services offered at Döbling Outpatient Center are included in the direct billing agreements with Austrian social insurance providers, and covered by compulsory insurance, which means they are largely free of charge for patients. These services are available on presentation of your e-card and in some cases a doctor’s referral.

On the following pages you can read more about our team and our quality management systems.

Technological advances in medicine have transformed routine medical practice. As a patient at our outpatient center, you can enjoy the benefits of these developments and make targeted use of our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for your healthcare.

Interdisciplinary collaboration and holistic medical thinking are some of the other distinctive features which demonstrate the quality of our day-to-day work.

If your treatment requires an inpatient stay, Döbling Private Hospital – with 160 beds in single or two-bed rooms with first-class facilities – offers the best possible care.

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