Quality is our trademark

At our outpatient center, we provide treatment based on the latest medical knowledge. Our staff attend regular training and professional development courses.

We place a major emphasis on service, to an extent that is hardly matched in any other Austrian outpatient center. We continuously strive to provide treatment options for our patients that are as individualized as possible, by taking their personal needs into consideration.

So, for example, we always try to arrange your different individual examinations so they are in close proximity, with minimal waiting times. After all, we want you to feel comfortable here and to be happy to come back.

We have state-of-the-art equipment available for diagnostics using the latest approaches. Examples include the 3 Tesla high field-strength MRI scanner and fully digital mammography. Ongoing investment in diagnostic equipment ensures that we maintain our high standards.

Quality report

Data on medical services and patient satisfaction is made provided in the annual Quality report. It is publicly available to allow any interested party to form a factual and objective impression of the quality services provided by PremiQaMed Private Hospitals. It additionally provides information about successfully implemented activities and projects.

The current Quality report (PDF, 1.8 MB, in German only) covering the entire PremiQaMed Group, including the Confraternität, Döbling and Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospitals in Vienna, Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital in Styria, Wehrle-Diakonissen Private Hospital in Salzburg, the Döbling Outpatient Center, the Gesundheitszentrum für Selbständige and the Klinikum Malcherhof Baden, reveals that in 2021 an astounding 96.3 percent of 46,447 patients with inpatient treatment were satisfied and almost 96.8 percent would recommend our services to others.

Our corporate strategy is focused on the sustained development of quality and the continual assessment and improvement of safety and patient satisfaction in all areas – from medical care and dedicated, professional nursing care, to a pronounced understanding and appreciation of service provision.

ISO certification

Certificate of Döbling Outpatient Center according to ISO 9001 (link opens in new window/tab)

Döbling Outpatient Center has held ISO 9001 quality standard certification since 2007. External and internal audits provide continual assurance that our medical, organizational and structural processes meet the required quality management standards.

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