Thyroid Center

At our interdisciplinary Thyroid Center, we provide comprehensive consultation and care as well as all relevant diagnostic examination technologies for patients with thyroid disorders.

Range of services

Our specialists are available to consult on all issues, furnish second opinions, provide care for chronic thyroid diseases, and provide consultation before a thyroid operation.

Examination techniques

  • Clinical examination
  • Hormone laboratory
  • Ultrasound
  • Scintigraphy (nuclear medicine)

Opening hours

Please phone to make an appointment! When you come for your appointment, please bring your e-card and, where relevant, a referral and any other test results.

Direct billing insurance agreements

Nuclear medicine examination (thyroid scintigraphy): Direct billing agreements with BVAEB and KFA.
Other patients must pay for this service themselves. The fee for this private service is €99.


Prim. Dr. Diana Haoula
OA Dr. Gudrun Sadik


For more information or to arrange an appointment
T: +43 1 360 66-5585

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