Döbling Private Medical Center

At Döbling Private Medical Center, experienced physicians in a wide range of specialist areas have consulting rooms and take time to understand your healthcare needs. At the Private Medical Center, you can expect top-quality medical care, ultramodern facilities, appointments at short notice and outstanding service.

This center offers a unique combination of medical services:

The medical site at Döbling brings together the well-known private hospital, the outpatient center (providing comprehensive diagnostic services), and the doctor's office center, with over 100 private physicians.

This unique infrastructure offers all-round care with optimal convenience. Detailed examinations (e.g. MRI or blood tests), specialized treatments and further consultations are available side-by-side here – a discreet and straightforward arrangement.

The doctors at the Döbling Private Medical Center will be delighted to earn your trust!

Heiligenstädter Straße 55-65, 1190 Vienna Icon Standort