Spinal Care Center

Almost everyone experiences back problems at some point in their life. Whether it is back pain, lumbar or cervical spine syndrome or other back conditions – in the Spinal Care Center you will be assessed by experienced experts in a double consultation appointment.

Range of services

  • Medical history as part of a double consultation
  • Clinical/neurological examination
  • Review and interpretation of x-ray images and previous results
  • Recommendations for further action/treatment
  • Treatment (physical, conservative) or surgery at Döbling Private Hospital
  • Aftercare


For your first appointment, you will be examined by our spine experts Sindhu Winkler, MD, (neurosurgery specialist) and Mohammed Baghaei, MD (neurology specialist) and other medical experts in the team as required.

If x-ray or MRI scans are needed, these can be carried out by the in-house Radiology department and are covered by most Austrian insurance funds.

When you meet again to discuss test results, appropriate treatment – conservative management, physiotherapy or surgery – is explained and put into action. If an operation is required, this is carried out at Döbling Private Hospital. If physical therapy is prescribed, this can be provided in the Institute for Physical Medicine at Döbling Private Hospital, under the supervision of Franz Carlo, MD. The final stage is aftercare and a follow-up examination.

Making an appointment

The spinal clinic takes place every Tuesday between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. in the Private Medical Center at Döbling Private Hospital. Please contact us to make an appointment. For the first appointment, which is a double consultation, you should allow 30 minutes. The fee for this first appointment is EUR 280.-


Dr. Sindhu Winkler

OA Dr. Mohammad Baghaei


For more information or to arrange an appointment
T: +43 1 36066-8010

E: privataerztezentrum@pkd.at or winkler@spine-and-specialists.at

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